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Press Release Hub

In a world that constantly presents new challenges, we at Chair Force 1 understand the importance of compassion, resilience, and progress. Our Press Release Hub is more than just a platform for news; it's a place where we share our heartfelt commitment to creating positive change.

Here, you can explore the latest developments, milestones, and achievements that reflect our deep dedication to helping our ALS Community. We stand together with our community and partners, ready to embrace a brighter tomorrow.

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New local charity 'Chair Force 1' donates vans to families with ALS

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - One local charity is helping with something that's not covered by insurance, it's giving a person who lost the ability to move, a way around.

Two lifelong friends worked together to turn their own family's pain into purpose.

Ben Coffaro and Ben Rolfes showed off a van that both of their families used...

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